Best Irish Dancing Shoes Suppliers in Ireland

The popularity of Irish dance has increased over the years. Ireland is known across the world for its Irish dancing. Irish dancing is a very important part of the culture and heritage of Ireland. The worldwide and famous Riverdance has seen huge success across Ireland and the world. The roots of Irish dancing history dates back from the druids and the Celts. They roamed the island before the onset of Christianity and other influences outside. The dancing was accompanied by music or singing along with other occasions. There are many different types of Irish dancing routines such as ceili, set dancing, step routines. Every beginner, intermediate, advanced dancer requires hard and soft shoes. Here is our guide on the best Irish dancing shoes suppliers.

Irish Dancing Shoes

Irish Dancing shoes are one of the leading Irish dancing shoe retailers online and in Ireland. They provide dancing shoes for beginners, intermediate, and advanced dancers here on their website. Bringing many years of dedication and experience to the Irish dancing community. They offer an extensive range of shoes both hard jig and soft shoes suitable for both girls and boys. They also supply a selection of accessories which include shamrock buckles, poodle socks, square buckles, ankle straps, and jig laces. Irish dancing shoes pride themselves on bringing you top quality dance footwear, first-class customer service, and value for your money. Order your shoes online today for unbelievably comfortable Irish dancing shoes.

Antonio Pacelli

Antonio Pacelli has over 40 years’ experience in producing Irish dance shoes, socks, pumps, and accessories. Their shoe range includes hard jig and pump shoes. They offer a selection of hard shoes from Hullachan, Antonio Pacelli, Fays, Rutherford, and Feis Fayre. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced dancer you have come to the right place. Whether you need the best heel and tip technology or a good value pair of shoes you will find the ideal pair in Antonio Pacelli’s large online shop for dancing footwear.

Oriel Irish Dance Supplies

Oriel Irish dance supplies provide top quality brands and dance products at prices you can afford. They stock everything you need from heavy shoes, pumps, reel shoes, to clothing, and accessories. They offer a wide range of heavy and soft shoes from top brands including Boyne walk, Hullachan, reel comfort, and many more. Get real value for money with Oriel Irish dance supplies.

Inishfree Irish Dancing Shoes

Inishfree have been manufacturing soft and hard Irish dancing footwear in Ireland for over 25 years. The company’s shoes are sold worldwide to dance schools, shoe retailers, and dance shops. They pride themselves on creating a unique brand that offers genuine leather shoes stitched and handmade in traditional Irish fashion. All the leather used in the making of the shoes is extremely soft, durable, and lightweight. Every piece is made to the highest standards to ensure the shoes fit neatly on the foot and a well-tailored finished look.

Boyne walk

Boyne Walk is the leading Irish dancing shoe retailer and has been in business for more than 47 years. Boyne walk offers the very best Irish dancing shoes from both jig shoes to soft shoes they have it all to offer you. The company stock an extensive range of heavy shoes which include pro storm, pro super storm, all black, white super storm, super storm, storm, and custom tempest. Their soft shoe range includes reel comfort, all black, reel comfort split, Aoife, and Ava. Their shoe range is exceptional quality and affordable prices you will not be disappointed. The only choice for beginners, intermediate, and advanced dancers.